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The Family Wellness Cybermall promotes family wellness in mind, body and spirit for the family as individuals and as a unit.  Our weekly published newsletter gives insights to meet these ends.  The newsletter can be viewed here or on our blog "Eye on the Family".

Wellness - Clues From Our Kids

FWR Says:  Let’s listen to what our children say

Of course, we can’t listen to all our kids arguing, raving and tantrums.

Beyond these, however, there are pearls of great wisdom. Here is why:

RKids get to the point using simple, plain language

RThey have imaginations that we are losing

RThey can point to tender spots in the family that parents miss

RKids grow when their views are considered seriously

RThey say how they feel while we have learned to cover up

RListening to them takes time which they really need

RThey can teach us again how to play

RTheir songs, praised, can be with them forever

We parents need to take time to do two of the most vital things with our kids: teach them what they need to know and listen to what they are thinking.

FWR Says:   Words from our children can be our most precious gifts

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