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In the Family Wellness Rainbow

Orange is for Relationships  

Relationships are Everything –They Make or Break Life:

Our relationships shape us from birth onwards

They grow from dependent to independent to interdependent

Relationships are NOT:

Deals based on rules – not legal agreements

One person owning another

Some hot emotional state

Something that can be bought

     Relationship is a new creation

where people share lives together

A relationship is a new BIG DEAL:

It is a new creation - formed by two or more

In it, each gives over a part of self to the other(s)

The new thing is greater than the old self(s)

It is interdependence and belonging

How does it work?

A whole new world is shaped by the bond

Decisions are made together

A good relationship makes two lives good

Select another part of the RainbowNext Steps:

Share this with family members

Set one family wellness goal

The family eats together – at least three times a week

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