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Family Wellness - 46 Essays

The Family Wellness Essays are written as an exploration on the everyday goals, achievements, hurdles and stresses that occur in family life.  Below are listed the contents of the complete Family Wellness Essay package and an essay sample.

How Are Our Children? 1 Does Our Family Care? 24
How We Do Our Family Business 2 What Makes This Family So Great? 25
The Family Business - Kids 3 Are We Getters Or Givers? 26
Is Our Family Happy? 4 Does Our Family Matter? 27
Does Our Family Look Inside Or Out? 5 Family – The Missing Link 28
The Family Medic Crisis 6 Our Lethal Culture: The Threats 29
Go For The Goal – You’ve Hit The Wall 7 Our Lethal Culture: The Fixes 30
What’s Ahead For Us? 31
Teamwork: The Ultimate Source Of Power In The Universe 8 VALUES - CHAPTER 5
Getting It All Together: The Holistic Family 9 The Ugly Side Of Money 32
Children And Divorce 10 What About Children And Punishment 33
The Family Partnership 11 The Family – Birthplace Of Justice 34
Does Our Family Talk? 12 Is Our Family Fair? 35
Can Families Make Decisions? 13 Is Our Family Honest? 36
Family Enemy Number One 14 Our Family In A Tech World 37
New Hope For Slaves 38
INFORMATION - CHAPTER 3 Success Is A Lousy Goal For Life 39
Find Our Family’s Missing Link 15
The Family And The School 16 FAITH - CHAPTER 6
The Family In Our Classy Society 17 Our Mixed Up Democracy 40
Is Our Family Learning? 18 Is Our Family Spiritual? 41
Does Our Family Work Hard? 19 Who Comes First: Me Or My Family? 42
Go For The Goal – Let’s Make Things Simple 20 Boomers – Wake Up, Your Alarm is Ringing! 43
To Get A Life – Get A Goal 21 The Churches Missing Link 44
Making Dumb Decisions 22 Getting The Big Picture – The Holistic View 45
The Good, The Bad And The Silly 23 Our Spiritual Roots 46


Does Our Family Care?

Car salesmen tell us they care.  So do our governments, businesses and advertisers. Caring is fashionable and fuzzy.

Gut caring is another matter.  It is hard and it is tough.  It means we take the focus off ourselves and put it on someone else.  It means we take the trouble to understand someone else so that we find a way to show we care - in their perspective and in their world.

No wonder someone invented the phrase “Tough Love”.

Caring is primarily family business.  Caring starts when parents have a new infant whose first need is caring.  We know the power of caring when we see the terrible disorders in children who have missed it.  Caring is the first requirement for parenthood and the foundation of the family.

Caring is so tough that most of us find alternatives to the real stuff.  We try busyness, bossiness, noisiness, nosiness, possessiveness and so on.  We create these neurotic patterns to avoid the demands of caring - patience, openness, humility and risk.

The family is our best place to let folks help us with our favourite neurotic pattern.  It is also the safest place to be vulnerable.  In most other places, we put on the “right” face to fit in.  These places are usually deficient in caring for reasons of safety.  Churches, businesses, schools, clubs and hangouts, each have their own culture.  Caring is usually too powerful for these cultures to handle.

 Today’s challenge is that these outside cultures have great influence as the family struggles to keep itself together.  It is going to take brave new efforts by families to nurture and protect the one ingredient in life that we all need but which seems to be in such short supply.

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