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The Family Wellness Rainbow

Yellow is for Family Wellness Information

Family wellness requires a constant supply  of new information

The Family Job is to Generate its Own Data Bank – 3 ways:

Way 1:  Get More Information We Need:

Internet is our new family information and power resource

Get advice from professionals and the seniors - then check it

       (For instance:  One job fact can change a whole career)

Way 2:  The Family Decides What’s Best:

The total family is responsible for its own wellness

In team decision-making - everybody wins

Time together saves wasting time later - three times over

Way 3:  Action - Decisions Lead to Goals and Results:

Goals work - when they are specific, practical and short term

Goals work - when they are done together

Goals work - they lead to growth - one step at-a-time

Lack of new information leads to ruin (A law of science)

Select another part of the RainbowNext Steps:

Make the family its own data center

Start with school records

Be wary of big systems

Kids are at-home tech experts

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