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In the Family Wellness Rainbow

Purple is the color of Faith

     The Big Faith Question:

“What’s it all about?”

Both religion and science work on this

Every family needs its own faith answer


Today’s Religion Muddle:

Today’s Western belief is “New Age – what’s right for me”

Individualism and materialism are replacing the big faiths

These major religions are losing their power and influence

Children and families face this confusing, self-absorbed culture

Everybody has a faith

                Self centered faith leads to ruin

God centered faith makes saints out of sinners

The Religion and Science Debates:

Confrontations between faith and science are silly

Science measures what we can see and grasp

Religion deals with who and what are beyond our grasp

The Family’s Faith Task:

The child needs parents with firm faith

The world faiths offer multiple choices

Children learn the family faith by word, example, study, prayer

Family faith is the launch pad for youth’s faith choices   

Select another part of the RainbowNext Steps:

Get the family working on its faith answer

Get with some community faith group

Have a family mediation/prayer time

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