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The rainbow roadmap to Family Wellness

Green is for Roots - Family and Community

   No person can live a normal life without belonging to some family

- A mental health principle

What About Us?

We can enjoy freedom on a mission for our family roots

No mission; no meaning

No Roots; no security

The Give and Take of Family Wellness:

Family members find wellness in a balance of give and take

For the young, it is more take

With adults, it is more give

Teens frantically try both

Growth in family wellness requires a give, take and appreciation

                     It is the family, not the clothes, that makes the man

Roots is Belonging which Means Usefulness:

Wellness comes from usefulness to others and self

Strangely, usefulness becomes its own reward

Our unique gifts are for self, family and community

Select another part of the RainbowWhat’s Next?

Today, help someone feel that they belong

What community project can our family do?

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