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ws logoThe Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville, part of York Region, was established in 1792 when the Lt. Governor of Upper Canada, Col. John Graves Simcoe, divided the new province into 19 counties.  One of these 19 counties was York and within the county 10 townships were created, one of which was Whitchurch Township.  Whitchurch Township was named after a town in Herefordshire, England where Lt. Governor Simcoe's wife was born.  Setter's began to arrive as early as 1794 from a variety of backgrounds.  Among the very first settlers to the area were Quakers as well as Hessian soldiers and Mennonites.  One setter, Abraham Stouffer who arrived from Pennsylvania in 1804, settled on a total of 600 acres of land in the southeastclock corner of the township.  Stouffer established saw and grist mills and ultimately other businesses grew up around Stouffer's mills evolving into the hamlet then known as Stoufferville.  In 1832 it was shortened to Stouffville.

Eventually the township's name was changed to The Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville and included in the area are the hamlets of Gormley, Preston Lake, Vandorf, Wesley Corners, Pleasantville, Bethesda, Pine Orchard, Cedar Valley, Lemonville, Seldom Seen, Shrubmount, Ringwood, Baker Hill, Ballantrae, Vivian, Hartmann, Bloomginton, Musselman's Lake, Churchill, Lincolnville and Island Lake.

town crierToday, The Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville is located in the east central part of York Region, 24 km north of Toronto.  Comprised of a variety of smaller communities, Whitchurch-Stouffville offers a unique county environment in the Greater Toronto Area.  It has a broad range of scenery, forested areas, and lakes to include a large recreational environment to both residents and visitors alike.  Because of its proximity to Toronto, it offers businesses both the advantage and convenience of a large city with the closeness of a smaller community.

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