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Who pays for The Family Wellness Cybermall?


All our revenue comes from fees and donations. The Markham Institute is a federally chartered charity, Revenue Canada #888045440 RR 0001.  Non-profit organizations receive cybermall space free. Donors receive a tax receipt at these levels:

 Member             Donor                    Angel                    Sponsor

   $25              $50-$500            $500 - $10,000            $10,000+

The donation target for The Family Wellness Cybermall  is $40,000


Professionals and Businesses -

                               Listing                            Page

                           $50.00 ea./year       $250.00 per page/year

Are there charges for updates or changes on pages and listings?

Yes, updates and changes will be provided at a charge of $15.00 per listing and $50.00 per page.

Who screens content?

The Markham Institute's editorial board screens material for publication and reserves the right to change and/or refuse any content.

What makes up content?

The purpose of the Family Wellness Cybermall is to strengthen the family unit. Families take many different forms, with different faiths and different roots. It is the intent of the Family Wellness Cybermall to strictly limit its contents to those things of direct benefit to the family unit. The Markham Institute reserves the right to exclude any information that does not adhere to this intent.

Can I send in something to share?

Everyone is very welcome to send us interesting comments, stories, highlights from family life.  Submissions will be kept anonymous and will be reviewed by the editorial board for content.  Please send them to our email - or fax - (905)985-5307.