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The Township of Brock is located on the east shore of Brock logoLake ariel view of shoresfarmingSimcoe approximately 1 hour northeast of Toronto.  The township includes the towns of Beaverton, Cannington, Manilla Port Bolster, Sunderland, Valentyne and Wilfrid.  The township's location on both Lake Simcoe and the Trent-Severn Waterway make it a popular destination for tourists all year round as well as an ideal location to raise families in both city and rural settings.

A little history.......The municipality was named for General Sir Isaac Brock, a young soldier who was shot by the Americans as he led his soldiers into battle attempting to prevent the Americans from establishing a landing at Queenston Heights during the War of 1812.  The municipality was created in 1973 and the Township's coat of arms was designed and formally adopted on November 28th, 1988.

The Township offices are located at 1 Cameron Street East, Cannington, Ontario

town street

You can contact the Township offices at:

Phone:   (705)432-2355 Mail: Township of Brock  
Toll Free:  1-866-223-7688     PO Box 10,  
Fax:   (705)432-3487 (clerks, Public Works, Council)   Cannington, ON  
    (705)432-2189 (other)   L0E 1E0  

For more information regarding the Township, it's services and recreation,

visit us at: